About Us

Citizens Choice Energy is an alternative supplier that can help you make the right choice of energy suppliers.

Unlike most suppliers we don’t buy energy ahead of time then hope to find enough customers to use what we bought. CCE signs up customers, then looks for opportunities in the market place that make sense, opportunities that position our customers to take advantage of market swings.

Here’s what you won’t get from Citizens Choice Energy:

  • Locked into a long term deal that you can’t get out of unless you buy out of it.
  • Customer Service Agents who are rude and aggressive.
  • Save $1,000,000.00 off your energy bill.

Here’s what you will get from Citizens Choice Energy:

  • A chance to save a little money off your utility bills.
  • Customer service agents who are polite and courteous.
  • A month to month deal you can choose to leave at any time penalty free.

At CCE we do not know the future and can’t tell you just how much energy you will use each month or what you will save, but we can tell you that if you are not satisfied with our efforts to provide you with competitively priced energy, you can leave whenever you wish to.

Todays Vocabulary Lesson:



  1. the right, power, or opportunity to choose; option:
  2. an alternative: There is another choice.


adjective, crazier, craziest.

  1. mentally deranged; demented;
  2. not choosing an energy supplier
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